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Mission and Goals

Mission Statement:

Parent Leadership Initiative (PLI) is based on the belief that the family is the heart of the community. Parents can be their children’s most significant teachers and the strongest advocates in addressing the needs of their communities, children, and families. PLI gives participants the skills, tools, knowledge, and confidence to seek solutions to family, school, and neighborhood concerns including the health and safety of children.



  • Give parents the opportunity to come together to share experiences, ideas, and concerns
  • Prepares parents from diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds to assume leadership roles in their communities
  • Builds self-esteem and self-confidence in order to improve leadership skills
  • Increases involvement in and knowledge of your community and its resources
  • Understanding how government works and be able to navigate through the system
  • Enriches partnerships between participants and community partners to build networks
  • Have a thriving community where parents have more recourses, access, opportunities for interaction and support.