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About Us

PLI provides skills and training for civic engagement. Resources necessary to be a leader and to impact positive change for children and the community will be provided. Participants will have a working knowledge of government, media, civic relations, and available community resources. Parents have the potential to be agents of change.


Parents will:

  • Determine goals for action in their community based on their passion;
  • Explore what it means to be a parent and acknowledge that a parent can simply be anyone who cares about children ;
  • Brings together families across race, class, and culture.


Families will:

  • Create an environment where children view their parents as leaders;
  • Make a real difference in the health, happiness, and success of the children in your community; 
  • Address important children’s issues such as health, quality schooling, and neighborhood safety.


Communities will:

  • Raise awareness of both the needs as well as its resources;
  • Enable parents to have a seat around the table to influence policy and process decisions.